There are typical two forms of animation, 2D, and 3D to be specific.

If art is the meaning of life, what would living art be termed as? Confused? Let us explain! An Animation is the purest form of art coming to life. Still, drawings being converted into moving pictures, what more can one ask for! Animation has always been the right form of media to express ideas, morals, and thoughts in a light but effective manner. With time, animation has evolved and has now reached a stage where it would take several moments before an individual could differentiate between a real and an animated object. Newer tools and technology ensure that the art of animation has touched zenith and still continues to evolve.

While 2D is a flat image that has only 2 dimensions, 3D is a defined and well-rounded image that gives the animation a more life-like look. Though 2D animation is an evergreen format of animation, 3D has been taking the world by storm.

The 3D format is being included in non-animated films to give it a boost of visual effects and make the film appealing to the eyes as well as the senses. Thanks to animation, conveying any form of a message or advertising any kind of product is now simpler. Animation also saves brands a lot of money because they no longer need to rely on celebrity endorsements. More and more brands and leaning towards animated mascots to promote their brands as it is a pocket-friendly option and also leads to a unique way of promotion.

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