Messaging and AI Bots – a cost-effective solution for exceeding customer service demands, and

improving Customer Satisfaction Scores.

Are you currently running a website? Are you thinking about some ways by which you can increase your sales, revenue and customer retention? The fact is that there are various solutions and strategies that you can use to realize your business goals, and Business Messaging is one of the most effective low cost/high impact solutions that can help you achieve your goals. A well-attended website, as opposed to a website that is always “offline” is a more effective way of running a business. In short, a live Business Messaging strategy can boost your Customer Service Scores and sales!

We have partnered with. Wetzel & Associates, Inc. to bring you an Insurance Compliant Business Messaging Platform with Bot integrations for further developing a better web customer experience

Ask us how we can better handle your inbound traffic both from web and phone with a  Return on Investment! 

Our new Enterprise Messaging Platform solution offering will allow you to have a 24/7 website presence to your clients

Imagine having potential buyers on your website who have interest in an insurance product or needs customer assistance, but no patience to call and stay on the line.  Business Messaging is here to your rescue! Let your potential buyers Message their way through questions and getting one step closer to closing the deal! Live Business Messaging is also the perfect way to provide your customers with paramount customer service. With unique features like a ticket logging system, and our Concierge Bot, you can now ensure your customers get around-the-clock customer support, even if the issue isn’t a first-call resolution. Maximize your Return on Investment with Business messaging services by giving your customers real time communication!

If you are dealing with buyers who are willing to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars, you know that such customers are not joining the bandwagon of impulsive buyers.  These transactions are meant to be tackled in a “business to business” manner. This simply entails spending time nurturing communications and involves the building of a relationship between the buyer. Let us show you how  Business Messaging is the perfect addition your web site.

Messaging, offered by Max Services Inc, does not only render additional contact channel for potential buyers, but it also addresses some of the most essential needs of potential customers as well. This is simply pictured in a way that customers are provided with a certain level of customer assurance by which they feel comfortable and at ease knowing that there is someone at the site. This means that there is someone, a real person who can answer all the questions and inquiries of customers in a quick turnaround. Messaging services offered by Max Services Inc, is a very powerful tool for any business especially when it is used properly and correctly.

Since you are currently running an online store that offers wholesale business, you need to know that the relevance of Business Messaging is hard to overlook. To put it this way – Most stores on online market usually make the most sales right after a conversation with a real person.  Whether that conversation is made via the phone, or via Messaging and AI Bot help, rest assured that this is a very effective strategy to help you improve and boost your business sales, decrease your overhead costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

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