Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is about getting your online ads to show up on search engines when potential customers look for products or services like yours. Good SEM leads to more traffic, conversions and sales on your site—especially with Max Services Inc. in your corner.

SEM Services

  1. Keyword research
  2. Campaign mapping
  3. Ad creation
  4. Bid management
  5. Multi-variant testing
  6. Localization
  7. Optimization
n rate.

Additional SEM Services

  1. Click Fraud Monitoring: We monitor, prevent and report users who repeatedly click on your ad to generate a false bank of clicks that eat into your marketing budget rather than generate leads.
  2. Contextual Advertising: We deliver ads to web sites, portals and social media sites that are directly related to the content being viewed, helping ensure that the right audience gets your message.
  3. Conversion Path Analysis: We quantify the effectiveness of your users’ experience through analysis of key interactions they’re having with your site.
  4. Landing Page Consultation: We create online destinations that create an instant connection with your customers and in turn generate interest and conversions.
  5. Paid Search Advertising Audit: We methodically analyze the effectiveness of your existing search campaigns to find ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  6. Search Analytics Consulting: We interpret your search analytics results into recommendations you can take action on—and benefit from.

Once customers have arrived at your website through SEM, their experience has just begun. The content they see, the interaction they have and their total user experience all have an effect on your brand’s image and conversion rate.